nba发布了一篇新文章, Potential Pitfalls of Broker-Generated Aircraft Purchase Agreements, which describes strategies that can be used to properly analyze purchase agreements during the transaction process.
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The NBAA飞机交易指南 提供法规介绍, tax, financial and transactional issues that come together during an aircraft acquisition. 成功完成飞机交易, 关键是整个团队, from flight department personnel to representatives from company headquarters, understand the basic considerations that go into properly structuring aircraft ownership and operations.

而每一笔飞机交易都是独一无二的, the guide is structured around the following process that many buyers and sellers have found to be successful:

  • Preliminary Considerations: Best practices for assembling the acquisition team and consideration of regulatory/tax issues when developing an aircraft ownership and operating structure.
  • 合同和所有权问题:意向书的细节, 所有权及留置权搜查, 飞机采购协议和采购前评估.
  • Closing Process: Strategies for managing the aircraft registration process and dealing with complex issues such as non-citizen trusts.
  • Post-Closing: Checklist to ensure documentation and regulatory requirements are met after the closing.

To help NBAA members understand the aircraft transactions process and to develop best practices, the NBAA Tax Committee and its Aircraft 交易 Working Group created this publication.

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