NBAA的小型飞机豁免 allows 运营商 of piston airplanes, 小型飞机, and all helicopters to utilize the limited options for cost reimbursement permitted under Part 91, 联邦航空条例(FARs) F部分.

Common situations where cost sharing may be helpful include the transportation of a guest on the company aircraft or use of the aircraft by employees of a subsidiary company. 除了, 分时使用, 交换, and joint ownership agreements are permitted under Part 91, 部分F.

没有NBAA的小型飞机豁免, 第91部分提供的费用分摊办法, 部分F are only available to aircraft that fall into one of the following groups:

  • The aircraft has a maximum takeoff weight of over 12,500 pounds
  • The aircraft is a multi-engine turbojet aircraft (regardless of size)
  • The aircraft is a fractional program aircraft (regardless of size)